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Rumor su Project Cafè

Posto qui tutti gli ultimi rumor: Per me il 90% sono una accozzaglia di Fanboyate. Infatti non le traduco neanche, le lascio così come sono.

  • Square Enix, Capcom, Sega, Konami, Activision, Rockstar/Take Two, Electronic Arts, Namco and Ubisoft all have development kits.
  • They each have at least one game in development for the Wii 2.
  • Expect games to be coming to this system that you would never expect on a Nintendo console.
  • Nintendo is kissing third party ****s with this console.
  • The new Nintendo controller sounds more ridiculous on paper. When you actually see the thing, it makes a lot more sense from a design standard.
  • Expect Nintendo to roll out the red carpet for third parties so their games don’t get overshadowed. Nintendo has been preaching to third parties that third parties won’t get screwed this time around, so if you’re expecting a ton of amazing first party games at launch…well…think again. Nintendo wants a launch that creates confidence in third parties again so expect very few first party games at launch similar to the 3DS.
  • Star Fox is coming. I can’t say when. Very good chance that it WONT be at E3. I am hearing Star Fox is coming for the new Nintendo system, but it is very early in development.
  • Nintendo solved every storage issue a third party could possibly have with the new console. I don’t know if it’s a harddrive or a different, cheaper way to store data.
  • Nintendo revamping their WiiWare and virtual console services. I don’t think it will be called WiiWare anymore.
  • Almost positive that we’ll be seeing Pikmin in some shape or form.
  • A first person shooter that people love will be ported to the 3DS. I can’t say what game, but it’s popular among FPS gamers.
  • Expect a crapload of 3DS love at this E3. The show will be wayyy more 3DS than Wii 2 (Project Cafe). 3DS stuff will be at least 60 percent of the E3 pre-show.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who says new Nintendo console will launch by end of 2011. They are idiots. This holiday season is all about the 3DS and Nintendo’s E3 show will focus on that.
  • Don’t expect many games to be shown at E3 for new Nintendo console, but expect all of the key features to be revealed.
  • Nintendo is thinking about launching Zelda: Skyward Sword around the same time as Wii 2 since Wii 2 is backwards compatible with Wii 1 games. They want to follow the same strategy when they launched Pokemon Black/White when 3DS was coming out.
  • I am 90 percent sure you will not see a Zelda: Skyward Sword port to the Wii 2. It will remain a Wii 1 game.
  • Nintendo approached Hideo Kojima about the new Nintendo console. Nintendo and Hideo Kojima have a good relationship with each other.
  • A Resident Evil game is in development for the new Nintendo system. I don’t know if Capcom is developing an RE spinoff or something part of the “main” Resident Evil series.
  • Retrostudios started working on a Wii 2 game. It is NOT Metroid. Retro is done with Metroid.


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  1. Er`Pupo ha detto:

    La ragazza che ha stilato quella lista c’ha preso un botto di volte eh….quindi è comunque da tenere sott’occhio sta lista.

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