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Leak massiccio ai danni di Sony*

*che di solito non capita mai eh [/sarcasm].
Riposto il testo direttamente da Hookedgamer

  • – Sony will confirm the official name, pricing and release date of the NGP
  • – There will be 7 first party titles revealed for the NGP
  • – Hideo Kojima’s NGP project likely to be Peace Walker
  • – The Wipeout engine has been perfectly ported over to the NGP and you can expect the release of the game in the first quarter of the NGP’s launch
  • – Chance of another Metal Gear game on its way in the future
  • – There are 37 titles in the working for Sony platforms, but most will not be revealed until a European event (likely Gamescom)
  • – Sony will reveal titles that will not be available until Christmas 2012 at E3
  • – Santa Monica Studios will be on board, but don’t expect much more information about the title (potentially next God of War title)
  • – A sequel to Warhawk will be revealed before E3
  • – 2 PS3 exclusives won’t be presented at E3 but will be available before the end of the year in Europe
  • – Twisted Metal, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 and The Last Guardian will be playable at E3
  • – Polyphony Digital are returning with a new title before March 2012
  • – Polyphony would like to make Europe a privilege for its next title. “Please don’t underestimate their work even if they deceived some of you.”
  • – A Rockstar game, probably GTA V, could be released before Agent was planned to be
  • – A third party title is in a “big battle” with Sony. The developers seem to be Bungie, so the game would be their next project with Activision.
  • – We’ve been shown Uncharted 3 demo quickly in a little clip internally. And it was super cool. The playable scene was as surprising as the Uncharted 2 sequence presented few years ago at E3. it’s really stylish. Some people will say it’s like Uncharted 2.5 but I loved it.

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  1. Io un modo per capirlo lo avrei….anche se in realtà ha detto tutte cose che alla fine ci aspettavamo (tranne il nuovo gioco poliphony).

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